Homemaker Services

Services include:


  • Cleaning, including vacuuming, sweeping, mopping; cleaning bathroom fixtures; dusting; washing inside windows and cleaning blinds on windows if no climbing is required
  • Laundry, including folding and storing clothing and linens
  • Ironing and mending clothes and linens
  • Washing, drying and storing dishes and utensils
  • Bagging and placing garbage in collection containers
  • Making beds and changing linens (only while client is out of bed)
  • Shopping for household essentials, including assisting clients with economical purchasing consistent with their budgets
  • Assisting client in organizing household routines
  • Performing necessary reading and writing tasks, if requested and indicated by client’s inability to read due to physical/visual impairment or other inability to read and write
  • Performing essential errands (obtaining food stamps, picking up prescriptions, posting mail, etc.)
  • Preparing and serving appropriate meals
  • Accompanying a client on trips to obtain health care services and other necessary items and services
  • Instructing clients in ways to become self-sufficient in performing household tasks, when appropriate and beneficial